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Talking about Grief: “I remember”

Grandpa and Oliver share some laughs

A Radio Interview

Columbia Morning Show with David Lile recently asked me to come onto the show and talk about Legacies from the Living Room: A Love-Grief Equation. Radio Interview  I was excited to do as David Lile knew my husband David very well for many years. I have interviewed with David Lile before and he is always well prepared, and asks to the point questions.

The Benefits of Talking

A couple of people asked me how I talk about David so easily. They seem amazed that I enjoy sharing my experience and my feelings. What many do not understand is how helpful these conversations can be. When I share stories, talk about the emotion, it brings great joy.

When I talk about David, when we pause to remember, its like he comes alive again. Its also comforting to know others want to remember, or want to get to know him. On one of the videos he wonders how long he will be remembered. I feel he smiles each time he is.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday my grandson Oliver, age 5, and I were talking and he reminded me of something important. We were talking about Harry Potter and he asked who his grandparents were, I explained he did not have any because they had died. Oliver said, ” just because they are dead does not mean you do not have grandparents. Grandpa David will always be my grandpa. I remember him and have alot of videos and photos. He is still my grandpa.” He even went on to talk about his sister, age 2, who never met Grandpa David. “Parker never met him but she has my pictures to help her remember.”

The Love Side of the Equation

There are several reasons why I enjoy talking about David. First and foremost, its the love side of the equation! As my book shows, the more you love the more you grieve. I have discovered, with David’s help, that the way to manage the grief is to focus on the love. Every time I share a story about him, it allows me to focus on the love side and ease my grief. Keeping the special memories alive is comforting, even if it may bring tears. To watch David’s video see Video 13 and click Oliver Exit Strategy Videos

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