Blogging about my caregiving journey through nasopharyngeal cancer

This blog is meant to share the additional legacies from our living room that did not make it into my  book. Legacies are defined as gifts from the past. Throughout this book our family shares the many gifts we found in Davids journey with nasopharyngeal cancer. I realize this sounds insane- finding gifts in crisis- in sorrow. But with Davids help everyone in our family found them, and now, years later, we cherish them more than ever.

This book shares our gifts with everyone in hopes that you will  find their own legacies. We are nothing special, a family first shocked and saddened with the horrible reality that we would loose our patriarch. Each of us experienced the loss and journey differently, as you will see in not only my journey, but that of our children and grandchildren. Three years of writing, editing, cutting, adding, and revising means I had to leave out many important legacies, so watch here, for this is where I hope to continue to share them!

Chewy is a great companion

Among our valuable legacies are the David Oliver videos you can find on this website. These videos allow us to see and hear David forever, remembering his laugh, humor, serious side, and gift of positive thinking and teaching. Take a minute and choose one or two. Have a good laugh with the one about our Dog chewy, it is light hearted and yet has important meaning as you learn in the book that Chewy has become my lifesaver during the multiple waves of grief.


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