A Sneak Peak of Legacies From the LIVING Room: A Love Grief Equation

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 Here is a peak at the Table of Contents for my upcoming book describing our journey through nasopharyngeal cancer- hope I grab your interest! Enjoy our bucket list travels, laugh at the Pinball Wizards, and perhaps shed a tear here or there as David goes over the waterfall with me at his side. An emotionally powerful journey for anyone who has loved and lost.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1                    Just A Lump

Chapter 2                    The “Living” Room

Chapter 3                    Depriving Death of It’s Strangeness Through YouTube

Chapter 4                    Sandbox Legacies and Bucket Lists

Chapter 5                    Bad News

Chapter 6                    Never-ending Decisions

Chapter 7                    Redefining Hope in the Midst of Fear

Chapter 8                    The Rapids

Chapter 9                    The Labyrinth of Caregiving

Chapter 10                  The Waterfall

Chapter 11                  Legacy Letters

Chapter 12                  Final Promises

Chapter 13                  New Beginnings

Chapter 14                  The More We Grieve

Chapter 15                  The More We Love

Chapter 16                  A New “Living” Room


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